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Steamy Works

She shivered and felt her body throb with an anticipation she had never known before. She could feel his hands roaming her body ferociously, his animalistic instincts clearly kicking in; and if she were being honest with herself, hers were too. In that moment, they were both animals. She wasn’t sure how they’d wound up in a small closet inside the police station, but they had. They were pressed together, his heat engulfing her. The small nature of the closet only boded in favor of their lust-filled chemistry. They were magnets, desperate to touch. She lunged forward, capturing his lips and slamming his back into the shelf behind him.

He growled in pleasure as he deepened the kiss even more. It was a dominant kiss, possessive even, but who was leading it?

Neither of them knew.

One of his hands collared around her neck, and the other grabbed at the small of her back and pulled her even closer. It felt amazing, straddling his thigh, his hot fleshy hands all over her body. He knew exactly where to touch her; how hard. He knew what she craved. It was almost as if he was reading her mind.

Tension strained at her shoulders, and the hand that had gripped her back immediately journeyed upward, massaging her. He continued to move his hands upwards until he grabbed her shoulders and squeezed.

“Oh, God!” she moaned.

She found her body running on autopilot as she ground her hips into him, rubbing herself on the bulge forming in his pants. He growled, as if even more fueled with desire.

With his passion ignited, he pushed her into the door, forcefully. His lips enveloped hers again and he kissed her so deeply – so completely passionately – that she was sure she was about to lose all control. She was about to become unhinged. She moaned into his mouth again; finding it more delicious by the second. As his tongue explored the depths of her mouth, she felt her nipples began to stiffen, aroused.

With a passionate charge of electricity, they each explored the other’s body almost aimlessly with complete desperation. Their hands pawed and pushed and clawed and tugged; anything and everything to rid each other of just some of the offensive layers of clothing that dare separate them. Neither of them even cared that anyone could open the closet at any time.

She could almost feel every single pulsating throb that elicited from his groin as they continued to battle over who was more dominating with their tongue. It was all driving her crazy. An electricity unlike any other pulsated throughout her tingling body as he moved, in perfect rhythm to his lips. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold out as her body arched in pleasure just from their entanglement of their mouths and clothed bodies. His hands tightened on her hips, his bear claws almost shifting out, digging into her skin in the most erotic pain she’d ever experienced. She squealed in delight, moans and heavy breaths filling the room.

He was being forward, direct and even a bit demanding… and I couldn’t say I hated it. In fact, I could probably say that I actually loved it.

I really, really loved it, in fact.

There was something crazy hot when he actually took control. It was something that a lot of women would claim distaste towards, but in all honesty, if they had known him, they’d understand why it was so damn sexy when he was demanding.

He looked me up and down, just before biting his lip and launching himself up off the bed, his eyes full of lust. But as soon as he stepped closer, his eyes, which had been glazed over with the blackness of desire cleared and glistened with something a lot more than just an animalistic need. Instead, his eyes showed emotion; actual and pure emotion…

He moved closer to me, so close that I could feel the heat of his breath brush against my forehead. He wrapped his strong, masculine hands around my waist and moved us towards the bed — together.

I felt the moment captivate me, and instantly take me away into blissful serenity. I smiled, completely at peace, and extended my arms to wrap around his neck. I felt an absolute need to reach for him, wanting — needing — him even closer to me.

I needed his touch; his glorious, heated flesh against my own. I needed to feel the weight of his sexy body against me. I needed him. And my eyes must have given me away, because he smiled, almost immediately, as if he knew exactly what it was that I was thinking; as if he knew exactly what I wanted; what I needed.

He moved his body with perfection, down on top of me, as he laid us both down on the bed. And as if in one singular motion, he slid into my already wet core.

“God,” he groaned. “You feel so good…”

We clung to each other, as if for dear life, as our bodies — and maybe even our souls — rocked in a unified rhythm.

“Like coming home?” I moaned.

“What?” he chuckled.

It was cheesy. So cheesy. I didn’t expect it to actually lunge full force out of my mouth. I hated word vomit; I hated it even more when it was during a time so intimate; a time so incredibly sensitive. I only prayed that it wouldn’t upset the mood; that it would ruin everything.

“I feel at home when I’m with you…” I trailed, my resolve faltering almost completely.

My eyes glistened, and tears of uncertainty began to well up in the brim of my eyes. I was scared; scared of what he was going to think; scared of how cliched and cheesy it really was. But as soon as I began to panic, he smiled, reassuringly and interlaced his fingers with mine.

“You definitely are like coming home…” he whispered, leaning against my ear as he continued to plunge in and out of me in a slow, and deliberate rhythm.

I clung closer to him; the gesture of reassurance that he had just made seemed to elicit more emotion than I had ever experienced before. And I relished in it as he continued to rock against me, his member caressing my walls with perfection as he pumped slowly, yet oh-so-precisely into me.

The rhythm lulled me, relaxed me, and made me feel the most elaborate pleasure that I had ever felt before. And as the moment swept and built, I couldn’t believe how intense it had become. The physical and the emotional bliss heightened to a point of which I never thought possible.

He had entrapped me; body and soul….

As crazy as it sounded. As cheesy as it was.

He had me.

Completely…and hopefully forever.

“Ah!” I moaned, bucking my hips. “Yes!”

Where he once was slow and deliberate, he had grown fast and lustful — but it was a welcome change as my body began to tense and I felt myself approaching the point of no return.